Graft raps filed vs Smartmatic, Comelec execs

By Kristine L. Alave
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:45:00 07/21/2010

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MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine Computer Society (PCS) has filed a complaint with the Ombudsman against 17 officials of the Commission on Elections and the Smartmatic TIM Corp. for alleged “incompetence,” graft and unethical conduct in connection with the May 10 national elections.

The PCS, an organization of information technology professionals, said the officials had colluded and conspired to breach laws on automated elections and government procurement, among others.

About 30 million Filipinos used voting machines to choose their new officials in the country’s very first automated elections.

The elections also debuted the use of an automated canvassing system, which made the counting of votes faster and less vulnerable to tampering.

The PCS said the implementation of the automated election system by the Comelec and its supplier, Smartmatic TIM, was lacking in many aspects, which threw a cloud of doubt over the accuracy and integrity of the election results.

The PCS complaint, which was filed on June 29, was the first and the biggest complaint yet against the Comelec and its partners.

The Comelec officials facing criminal and administrative charges are: Comelec Chairman Jose Melo, and Commissioners Gregorio Larrazabal, Rene Sarmiento, Nicodemo Ferrer, Armando Velasco, Lucenito Tagle and Elias Yusoph.

The complaint also included Comelec Executive Director Jose Tolentino and directors Ester Roxas and James Jimenez.

Also included on the list of respondents were members of the Comelec technical evaluation committee: Commission on Information and Communication Technology Chair Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua, Timothy Diaz de Rivera, and Dennis Villorente. Chua heads the Comelec Advisory Council.

On the side of Smartmatic TIM Corp., PCS said Smartmatic Asia president Cesar Flores and electoral systems manager Heider Garcia should be investigated along with their Filipino partners, Jose Mari Antunez and Nilo Cruz of TIM.

The complaint said the “respondents by their documented actions and/or negligence clearly committed illegal acts which caused irreparable damage to the government and ultimately to the Filipino people.”

The PCS case against the Comelec came as the poll body prepared to answer another case before the Ombudsman.

The Comelec recently submitted an internal report on the overpriced ballot secrecy folder deal to the Ombudsman, asking the agency to probe the deal.

The P690-million contract involved the supply and delivery of 1,815,000 pieces of 25-inch long ballot secrecy folders, priced at P380 each.

Law department chief Ferdinand Rafanan, who headed the internal panel, denied reports that he recommended the impeachment of the Comelec chair over the deal, which was rescinded.

The most drammatic success in our history as a young province was the recent May 14 election. Our Biliran voters in exercising their right to vote expressed their sentiments in a mature and valiant manner.

And so, the result of the latest election, contained a simple but very poweful message: " if you respect my peso....

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The whole world today celebrates FATHER’S DAY. The world dedicates a especial day to honor fathers as fathers are one of the most important influences in the lives of children, and their unconditional love is an indispensable anchor of certainty and strength.

However, as children in the world rejoice with their respective father, it is sad to contemplate that here in Biliran, 2 families have mourned because of the brutal killing of their father. Their lives had not been spared from any political problems that provide great havoc in our peaceful place. One of the many unfortunate, regrettable aspects of the tragic events of June 7th, 2008 besides the fact that two people have lost their lives. more



We, the Clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Naval, would like to express our strongest condemnation to the lies peddled by Stephen Greinke against the bishop of Naval, the Most Rev. Filomeno G. Bactol, D.D.

Last January 2, 2008, Stephen Greinke, in a nationally televised network, has accused the bishop of sexually molesting young boys. We are aghast at this accusation because the bishop is a person of integrity whose ministry of 40 years (15 years in the seminary as formator, 7 years as Pastor, and 18 years as Bishop of Naval) has never been enmeshed in any controversy, much less scandal. We are appalled even more at the brazermess of Greinke as to impute upon the good name of the bishop the very same crime he was accused of doing against innocent young boys in the very Association he bas come to found, purportedly to proclaim the love of God only to find out it has become a trap for his sexual perversions! Such lies therefore that he has concocted can anly come from a heart whose hatred is as deep as his own twisted understanding of what is good and moral. ..... more


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CEBUANO KO BAI! ( author unknown)

I am not a Filipino, never considered myself one a long time ago. I am a Cebuano and my late father once said: "There's a whale of a difference between the two". And that distinction between the Cebuano and Filipino is never more pronounced than the result of the 2001 Senatorial Elections. The election results nationwide from Manila to Mindanao showed an even trend, far below the expectations of the anti-Erap advocates. Can you believe that? After we've been screwed in the ass by a pea-brained Tagawg! But the Cebuanos voted differently. We Cebuanos voted with the same clear sightedness and maturity that scared the shit out of Marcos and his KBL lap dogs who despite massive cheating and terrorism in collusion with his Ilocano Generals were defeated by the Pusyon Bisaya during the Parliamentary Elections in the seventies. We Cebuanos have a better sense of truth and justice and we have always been the vanguards against tyranny and oppression since 1521 when Chief Lapu-lapu whacked Magellan.( more )
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